China-EU Railway Express

Zhengzhou-Europe Block Container Train

Centered on two terminals of Zhengzhou and Hamburg, Zhengzhou-Europe Block Container Train features formalization of multi-station along the railways, normalization of the exchanges between stations during the rail transportation, and leading in the productivities and full loading ratio among China-EU Railway Express. With a Zhengzhou junction in mainland China, the cargo sourcing radius is over 1500km to 2000km, covering third-fourth area in the whole China, and oriented connecting to Intra-Asia i.e. Japan and Korea by the cross-border transit services. On the other end, together with the hub of Hamburg, second-grade gathering centers consists of Paris, Milan, Prague, Warsaw, Malaszewicze, Brest, Moscow, Almaty, Zamyn-Üüd, that they are covering 24 countries and 121 cities in Europe Union, Russia, and CIS.

Xiang-Europe Block Container Train

Xiang-Europe Block Container Train starts from Xiayi Depot in Changsha to Malaszewicze of Poland into mainland Europe via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus. The transit time is 18 days from Changsha to Hamburg, Duisburg in Germany. This fixed Train operates on a weekly basis. This train carried out the stabilized operations of ‘4 Lines Out with 1 Line In’, routing between Changsha, Minsk and Hungary via Erenhot and Manchuria separately.

Railway Consolidation

Antek SCM actively promoted Belt & Road Policy, closely cooperated with Railway Administration and its operation department, timely launched the Railway Consolidation Express Services on selected routine to meet the market demands. Railway Consolidation transit time is one-third of sea freight, while its prices are one-fourth of air freight.